Caldera Workshop 2018

The first Caldera Workshop took place from 7 to 10 May 2018 in Santorini. This week has been life-changing! Our mind is full of inspiration and memories and our heart is filled with strong emotions and joy. This group of people coming from all over the world had great chemistry and connected so well with each other on a personal level. During these days everybody learned a lot and shared a lot with each other. We have laughed together, cried together, we became friends...
It has been a very intense adventure and it doesn't have to end here. We would like to thank Frøydis, Luigia, Mark, Gione, Giuseppe,Yannick, Eric-René, Sebastian, all our partners and particularly the Atelier Zolotas and each one of you for your trust and for helping us make the Caldera dream a reality. They say that some people arrive and make such a beautiful impact on your life, you can barely remember what life was like without them. So we are truly happy and proud to have you all as friends and wish to see you in our next adventure, next year.

Speakers of the 2018 Edition

Sebastian Nandryka (POL)


I dedicated all my life to telling stories.

Frøydis Geithus (NOR)


I have always been a photographer, since I got my first camera as an 8 yrs old. I grew up with painters and artists in my family...



My name is Mark, and I’m just a normal, down to earth guy with a camera.

Gione da Silva (UK)

Cinematographer - Photographer

Hi, I am Gione da Silva, an enthusiastic and hopeful person! I believe there is always a way!

Eric-René Penoy (UK)


My name is Eric-René, and I am the guy behind the lens.



Luigia and Giuseppe are a married duo, based in the stunning Italy, but they travel the world documenting the most beautiful love stories.

Yannick Zurflüh (LI)


Hi! My name is Yannick and my life as it is today started a couple of years ago with the ultimate goal to become the next Bill Gates. 

Arte Cinematica (GR)

Cinematographer - Photographer

We are Kostas and Aris. Humble visual storytellers

A bit of backstage from the Caldera Workshop 2018

To start feeling the vibe of the Caldera family, you can read some testimonials from the 2018 edition from some of our attendees and speakers and check out a few backstage pictures from this crazy week in Santorini below. You can then come and join us in our next amazing adventure.



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