Eric-René Penoy (UK)


My name is Eric-René, and I am the guy behind the lens. I am a full time dreamer and definitely not a traditional photographer.
I am specialised in Wedding Photography, Engagement, Couple Sessions, Love Stories.

I have always loved traveling and discovering new things. During my childhood, I was fascinated by documentaries about nature, animals and wildlife. I started to create and live in my own world. I was fond of imaging the world, watching television, movies and National Geographic shows or Jacques Cousteau expeditions.

But I forgot to dream. For few years, when I was at Uni, I wanted to improve myself, maybe somewhere else, make my parents proud of me. Thus I  finally got my First Degree - 
My bohemian soul resurfaced and I choose to move on in this big world, trying to discover the life essential beauty. 

I worked on my first wedding, my friends' one, and I just fell in love with the job.

Not only because I finally felt free to do want I wanted to, but more because I loved having the opportunity to express my inner feelings. I love being a storyteller and the most important for me is to explain a full day with 500 pictures full of small gestures, emotions and love rather than to only have just a couple of artistic shoots. 





2009 Rheims, France. This is the city I use to live for my studies. The found a job as commercial. I was selling cameras.
2010 Started to work on my art and took inspiration in Fashion and Street photography.
2011 Moved to Ales in the south part of France to work in advertising. Met my beautiful partner Karolina.
2012 Moved to Scotland to follow my Girlfriend. Started to advertise on Gumtree.
2013 Worked as part time gaming tester doing translation for french players and cover wedding at Weekends. 
2014 Went to my first workshop and it gave me the extra push to pass full time.
          Joined the amazing team of the Wedding Collective.
2015 Did travel a lot between France and Scotland to cover weddings.
2016 Started to develop workshops and podcasts.
          Launch first version.
2017 I won the trophy of the best wedding photographer in Europe at the BodaF conference in Barcelona
          Launched another personal project for french photographers (Resonance). Many travels are coming and can't wait to be few months older to see what 2018 gave me.