The Caldera Festival is an online contest that is open to photographers and cinematographers from all around the world. Even if you don't register to attend the workshop, you can still submit your work to be judged and enter the online contest to win prestigious awards.

There are two categories for Photography:

There are two categories for video:

In each category there will be one winner and two nominees. Nominations and winners will be announced at the workshop, or in any case, by the end of March on the website and social media of the Caldera workshop by the Organizers of the Festival. All nominees and winners will get a winner or nominee laurel, accordingly, corresponding to their category and achievement. This laurel can be used and displayed for promotion of their pictures and films. Additionally, the 4 winners will get winner statuettes and amazing prizes from our partner companies for a total value of around €4000. Indicatively you can win the following:
- 1 year free subscription for wedding use from The MusicBed 
- 1 DXA Micro pro + pre amp from Beachtek
- 1 free licence from Film Convert 
- 1 free year All Apps bundle from Pixellu
- 1 Samyang lens 50mm f1.4 from Galaios Photostore
- free music licences from Select Music Library
- 1 Godox camera flash from Stamos SA
- 6 months from Narrative
- LUT packs from Flames and Roses 
- coupons from Wooden Banana 
- coupons from Artpoint Handmade Photo Albums
- Preset packs from DVLOP
- Preset packs from Casa Presets
- 1 free licence from JPEGmini 
And many more.....

The judges are looking for the most creative, original, artistic, and technically sound pictures and films. All works submitted will be examined closely and, after a first shortlist (Official Selections), the jury will announce the 4 winners that will be awarded. 
The jury consists of the Members of the speakers panel of the Caldera Workshop and of two external Super Judges: Cafa Liu for photography and With Heart Films for filmmaking. 

Each photo and film may be submitted in only one of the two respective categories available. The category of your submission is to be selected at a later stage when uploading the photo or film, after payment of the corresponding participation fee.

You can select to receive private written feedback for your picture or film and your final vote by the judging panel of the contest. This comes at an additional cost and has to be chosen by the applicant before uploading their pictures or films. The review form for photos will concern the following topics: Adherence to theme, Composition, Color-Light-Exposure and Focus, Storytelling, Originality-Uniqueness of Concept, Overall Impression-Impact, Technical Execution, Artistic Merit. The review form for videos will concern the following topics: Adherence to theme, Cinematography, Color-Lighting-Exposure and Focus, Storytelling, Editing, Sound, Originality-Uniqueness of Concept, Overall Impression-Impact, Technical Execution, Artistic Merit. There will also be an overall comment and the total score of the submission.

There are three submission periods with different costs as you can see below.
Final deadline for submission is  February 20 extended to March 6, 2019. 

Please read the detailed terms and conditions here before submitting your work. For details & support you can email:

You can see past winners of the 2018 Edition of the contest here


Dates & Deadlines

30 NOVEMBER 2018

25% Discount on submission fees (included below)

31 JANUARY 2019

15% Discount on submission fees (included below)

6 MARCH2019

Full price Submission Fees


Fees below are final and are inclusive of the corresponding discount depending on the submission date. Fees are inclusive of 24% VAT


Photo x 1
9,20 €

Photo x 3
22,00 €

Photo x 5
31,00 €

Photos + Review

Photo x 1 + Review
18,00 €

Photo x 3 + Review
43,00 €

Photo x 5 + Review
61,00 €


Video x 1
29,00 €

Video x 2
46,00 €

Video x 3
58,00 €

Videos + Review

Video x 1 + Review
46,00 €

Video x 2 + Review
75,00 €

Video x 3 + Review
98,00 €