The Marrakech Expedition

26th – 27th November

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Caldera Workshop: The Marrakech Expedition


26th – 27th November 2019

Marrakech, Morocco


A hands on approach to enhancing your portfolio and boosting your inspiration with a friendly and intimate atmosphere

For a maximum number of 15 wedding photographers, filmmakers or hybrid shooters

Connect with like-minded people, get inspired and build your portfolio

in the magic and colorfoul landscapes of Morocco

Will you miss this lifetime opportunity?






An intimate workshop focused on shooting and practice. Two speakers, one for each day, will present a workshop about their artistic and business approach in the morning and then conduct a shooting session of a real couple in wedding attire. During the shooting sessions we will make sure that everyone has enough time to direct the couples and to get material for their portfolio. That’s why the total number of attendees is limited to create a more intimate group. Each shooting day will cover a different location. We will end the day with an editing session by the corresponding speaker.



Between shadow and light, happiness and nostalgia, obviousness and non-obviousness. silence and noise, color and monochrome. During the shooting sessions you are going to chase the light and find deeper meaning in your photos. The speakers will show you how you can use the harsh light to tell more interesting  stories.


Art is freedom. You can be an artist if you follow your heart. Creating your niche is creating your own little world where you can express yourself in a way that nobody will be able to copy. 



Everyone is a storyteller. We all communicate and understand our own experiences through a network of stories. True connection with people, and empathy are the keys to get inside their story and enable them to be themselves in front of a camera. If a story is authentic it is told from the heart. What are the rules of storytelling? how to tell better stories? where to find inspirations? how to be more  creative? these are just a few examples of questions that are going to be answered by the two speakers


Workflow for photography and video. From shooting to the edit. After the live shootings with our couples, there will be an editing session where you will get to see the speakers' approach and possibly get inspired to enhance your own approach to post-production.  





It is not possible to understand how important this workshop may be for you, until you have experienced it.
I would absolutely recommend Caldera workshop if you want to go further in both your carreer and personal development as a photographer and as a person. Building my network and making friends from all over the world, this workshop was my best business investment this year!

Kristine (Norway)

Obscene amounts of money are spent on workshops around the world and I have time and time again been completely underwhelmed by them. This is the most comprehensive, change your fucking perspective, pump yourself UP workshop out there-and it’s in Greece for goodness sake. Worth all the investment and more. I hope to never miss this workshop so long as I’m able to get myself there

Lindsey (US)

I feel that the Caldera Workshop was one of those moments in life when there is a before and an after. I have learned to push myself creatively to be different and also to have the courage to make my business thrive.

Fran (Australia)

I did not just learn more about wedding photography and cinematography from respected people in the industry but it has also inspired me to be a better person in everything that I do.

Joey (Australia)

From the first day on, it felt like coming home to family. When you go to the caldera you are surrounded by a pack of insanely good photographers, open minded people from all over the world and you go home with fully charged batteries, tons of new ideas and input and most of all you go home with many new friends.

Thanks to Kostas and Aris for making this possible!

Franzisca (Austria)


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My name’s Rafał, and I’m passionate about storytelling

Once upon a time, a famous traveler called love the greatest adventure. In my many years, I stopped by in countless foreign countries across Europe, the Middle East and North America. I visited many places. Wherever I went, I met incredible people, and the stunning observation was that, despite our evident differences, we all share one specific trait. Everyone – regardless of their origin – falls in love.

One day, as the plane of my life finally touched the ground and I gave up my flight attendant career, my friends invited me to their wedding. They asked me to take pictures of the ceremony.

That was the beginning. I understood my destination was still ahead of me. I felt pure and incredibly privileged to be able to capture the rare moment in which two become one. The moment of confession of eternal love.

one. story hero. is my most recent project. it's the way i tell stories and. i believe in friendship, love and to being honest and thats how my stories are crafted. Creativity needs more space, engagement from both sites and most of all needs trust. I believe that if you want to tell an honest story about people you have to work first of all with your own approach. You won’t need steady cams, drones latest 4k whatever. You need to get close as you can to you subject, gain their trust, show your empathy, forget about your ego, get as much „puzzles” of their story as you can and a good sense of putting them all together.








We are Kostas and Aris. Humble visual storytellers from Greece. Although we come from very different backgrounds, we share a common everlasting passion for the arts of photography, cinema, music and poetry.

When our paths crossed, nine years ago, we have decided to combine our common passions and our diversity in order to turn our lives around and to embark on this thrilling journey of narrating love stories. We feel that we have so many things to express straight from our hearts when telling a story, as we strongly connect with the people and we become an integral part of it. Photography & cinematography are complementary arts, interlaced, and equally important in the narrative process, especially in documentary work. Our pictures and films focus on people and sheer emotion. We aim at creating a precious visual legacy for the couple and their family, to be cherished throughout the years.

In the past few years we have been blessed to see our work, not only getting so much love from our couples, but also, receiving a warm recognition by important professional associations and by International film festivals that are not strictly related to the wedding industry. Having our artistic approach recognized by a broader, independent, audience is definitely a strong incentive to continue telling stories the way we do. We believe that the secret of creativity lies in the fact of being authentic and following your heart even when you need to go against the trends.







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A few words by Rafal


A few words by Kostas and Aris



MONDAY 25/11/2019

Arrivals from airport

Welcome drink & Registration

Welcome speeches

21.30  Dinner

TUESDAY 26/11/2019

 08.30 - 10.00 Breakfast

10.30  - 13.30 Speaker 1

13.30 - 14.30 FREE TIME

15.00 - 19.00 Shooting Location 1

19.30 –  20.30 Post Process 1

21.00 - 22.00 DINNER

WEDNESDAY 27/11/2019

 08.30 - 10.00 Breakfast

10.30  - 13.30 Speaker 2

13.30 - 14.30 FREE TIME

15.00 - 19.00 Shooting Location 2

19.30 –  20.30 Post Process 2

21.00 - 22.00 DINNER

22.30 PARTY

THURSDAY 28/11/2019

 08.30 - 10.00 Breakfast


or Optional Elopement Shooting

Schedule may change without prior notice


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Where will the Workshop take place?

This workshop will take place in Morocco in the city of Marakech and the desert of Agafay.


What is the date of the workshop?

The dates of the workshop are November 26th and 27th, 2019. You will arrive on the 25th of November and leave on the 28th. All nights are included in the price.


Where do we stay during the workshop?

We will stay in the Riad al Loune Hotel and other two Riad hotels nearby



Where is the Venue located?

The presentations/workshops will take place in the Riad al Loune hotel in Azbezt ‘s area, Marrakech Medina’s heart, a few steps from the Ben Yousseph Madrassa and from the Koubba El Badiyn, still existing from the Almoravids founders of Marrakech (Alì Ben Youssef 1107- 1143 ), and a few minutes walking distance from Djemaa el Fna square.


What is the price of the Workshop?

The price of the Workshop is:

1250 € when in double bed room, shared with another attendee

1450 € when in single use room.

The optional elopement shooting on November 28 costs an additional 600 € and is reserved for 5 people only


What does the price include?

Your registration includes:

• 3 nights accommodation

• Welcome dinner, breakfast, and dinner at the hotel during the days of the workshop

• All the workshops

• Local transport for the workshop activities

• Location Shootings


Is there an Early Bird Price?

The first five (5) people to register pay 1100 €






Are flights included?

No, flights are not included and are the sole responsibility of the attendee. You should better not book your flight until the workshop is confirmed.


Are drinks included?

Drinks are not included 


Is it refundable?

Because of the limited number of participants and of the all-inclusive nature of the workshop, the tickets are not refundable. In case of force majeure you can possibly transfer your ticket to a fellow professional photographer or filmmaker, if you are not able to come. 


What is the cancellation policy?

We need a minimum of 8 people to join the workshop, otherwise it will be cancelled and the money will be refunded directly to the people who made the downpayment. 


There is plenty of time. Why should I register early?

Not only early registrations have a discount, they help the event being confirmed, as we need a minimum number of people in order for it to be possible.


Can I bring my partner that will not attend the workshop?

Definitely. You can invite your other half to stay with you. You only need to pay the extra fee for a single room and for her, or his, meals.


In what language will the workshops be taught?

In English. 






How do I get from the Marakech airport to the Resort?

Transfer from the airport is not included but you can either get a taxi or for group arrivals we can organize an optional minibus shuttle for a low cost.


How's the weather?

November is a great time to visit the country of Morocco. It is significantly cooler than the often-unbearable summer months, and there is there is less tourist traffic to worry about, too. November temperatures in Marrakesh drop considerably although they remain fairly mild, and it is also the wettest month of the year for Morocco, but it won't be nearly as rainy as northern Europe and US.

The weather is still mild enough to enjoy a quieter, more relaxed stay in Marrakesh as opposed to the hot, hectic summer months. You can read more details here:

We are crossing our fingers to have good weather during the workshop, however we cannot guarantee it...


What should I bring?

Since this workshop is based on practice, you should bring your photography and filmmaking equipment and possibly your laptop.
We also suggest not to forget:

  • Light cardigans or jumpers, trousers and t-shirts will suit you well for the daytime and a jacket will probably come in handy on an evening. Dressing in layers is almost always a good idea in Morocco, any time of year.

  • Some beachwear and swimming gear, just in case the weather is warmer than forecast. Walking shoes, sunglasses, hats, scarves to protect against wind and sand, and an umbrella in case of rain.


Can I bring my drone in Morocco?

Since March 2015, the government has prohibited the import of drones for security reasons. Companies may use drones in Morocco only with a special permit. However, private use is completely prohibited. Anyone caught in Morocco with a drone must expect the drone to be confiscated. In addition, threatens a fine of 1,165 Dihrams (about 110 euros). Anyone who already declares his drone when entering the country can hope that he will get the aerial vehicle back when leaving the country. So the short answer is: do not bring your drone!


Is there WIFI access?

WIFI access is available at the resort.


Can I drink tap water?

It’s generally harmless for locals, but if you’re from another country, opt for bottled water, as you don’t know how your body might react to the different bacteria found in the local tap water. Tap water can be used for washing, bathing and cleaning your teeth.


Do I need a special adapter for electricity?

In Marrakech you can use your electrical appliances as long as the voltage of your country is between 220V - 240V (as in Europe, UK, Australia and most countries in Asia and Africa). If in your country the voltage is between 110V and 130V (as in the USA, Canada and most countries in South America), then you will need a converter.


There are so many workshops and conferences available. Why should I attend the Caldera Marakech expedition?

Well, first of all it is about a small community of like-minded people with a friendly and intimate atmosphere.

We try to create a good connection between all the people attending the workshop and also between the speakers and the attendees, as we believe that this is the basis for inspirational and creative interactions that make us grow as persons and as artists.

The Caldera Workshops are not dedicated specifically to either wedding photography or wedding videography. Nor puts the one ahead of the other. They rather try to bridge the gap between these two arts learning from each other and being inspired from each other.

Having different speakers with different views and approaches can enrich and strengthen the input that you receive.
Having the ideal number of speakers is the key to get the best from each one because you get enough time to interact, shoot and edit with each one.

On both first and second editions of the workshop, a group of people coming from all over the world has felt a great chemistry and connected so well with each other on a personal level becoming friends eventually.
You can read some testimonials from our past attendees which may help you better understand the vibe of the Caldera.

And of course, as always in life, you have to follow your heart.


Are you planning to do another workshop in Santorini?

Although we do not see the Marakech Expedition as a replacement of the Caldera Workshop in Santorini, there is nothing confirmed at the moment as we are focused on one event at the time.


More questions?

Drop us an email at with your question and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.






Reserved for 15 professional storytellers only.
Payment through Bank Transfer (in one or two installments, full payment due 45 days before the workshop) 
Details will be sent to you after registering

- Earlybird Ticket: 1100 € (SOLD OUT)

- Full price Ticket: 1250 €  

- Optional real couple elopement shooting on 28/11 (SOLD OUT)

Ticket includes:
- Three (3) nights accommodation in shared double room (but you can upgrade to single at extra cost)
- Breakfast and dinner during the days of the workshop
- All the Workshops / presentations
- Local transport for the workshop activities
- Location Shootings with our couples

For additional info/questions you can reach us at:

* The ticket can be paid in two installments half now and half 45 days before the workshop