Testimonials from past attendees


Caldera Workshop was a lifetime experience for me. Every morning I would wake up excited to be with creative people, see how they work and make photo sessions in Santorini. The atmosphere that we lived not only for the surreal pastel colors of Santorini but for the humble humans that were the speakers and the attendees! To be with creative perspectives that transform your own feeling about what is love and how you can feel wedding moments as a creative soul. We shared the same passion and they were the nicest ever!! So many friends we have made… Hopefully I will go back to Santorini and do it all over again!​

Sandie (Portugal)



In April I got a message from a friend… »Come to Santorini with me!» she said…

I had been sitting on the fence for the Caldera Workshop, wanting to go, but was a little insecure of what this would bring to me and my work. There are so many workshops out there, so what is so special to this one. Well… I jumped at it, and just like that I had tickets to Santorini…I was going on an adventure…And what an adventure it was! I met, and got to know all these amazing people, who shared my enthusiasm for photography, and shared their knowledge about their craft. I got insights in the world of video making, and from sunrise till sunset we lived and breath our craft - together.  These were some REALLY intense days and I am SO, SO happy that I said YES to my friend, and joined this journey. To experience this - in a rather small and intimate group of likeminded - and at the same time get to experience Santorini was truly an adventure. Sharing knowledge and how we work, eating good food, getting to know each other, and having a good time - that’s what it’s all about. So, don’t wait…just GO!

Ann Sissel (Norway)



I was so eager to take the next step, to learn new stuff, to get inspired, to meet like-minded people. Caldera Workshop was everything I was looking for and more. It was magical, full of wonders, blessed with new family and friends from all over the world. It changed the way I look upon the magical stories we get to tell. The love stories we give eternal life. The blessing of creating what we all have in our hearts: love! To everyone in doubt: give yourself this gift… we all work so hard with mind and heart. We need this every once in a while. And Santorini? Oh it is just pure magic.

A big thank you to all my Caldera Family… love you all for the gift we got to share. And of course a big and warm thank you to Kostas and Aris… the best Greek family one could wish for!

Jacqueline (Netherlands)



It was an experience that changed my way of thinking in my work. I met important people and professionals who gave me great help. Thank you Kostas and Aris for organizing this amazing workshop and giving me the chance to attend. Thank you all for teaching me to be myself!

John (Greece)



I’ve shot around the world for over 10 years and modeled in over 12 high profile photography workshops-nothing touches the emotional, creative and educational experience that is the Caldera Workshop. I can honestly say that the relationships I built during this short time have changed my life professionally and personally. This is space built for authentic connectivity and purpose. We were a group of everything from world-renowned celebrity photographers to stay at home moms just picking up a camera and starting their journey into this crazy world of visual design and storytelling. We all were equal. We all were valued. Our conversations whether during live shootings or late night wine drinking were equally profound and inspirational. Obscene amounts of money are spent on workshops around the world and I have time and time again been completely underwhelmed by them. This is the most comprehensive, change your fucking perspective, pump yourself UP workshop out there-and it’s in Greece for goodness sake. Worth all the investment and more. I hope to never miss this workshop so long as I’m able to get myself there

Lindsey (US)



In a way Caldera Workshop was life changing for me. The right people in the right place at the right moment. I feel that this authentic sharing of time and experiences opened a door inside me. I feel blessed to have met such big hearts, big eyes and big souls. This will stay forever

Florence (France)



The Caldera workshop was for me a fantastic experience! I learned a lot from the best photographers and videographers in the world and went home with more tools and a lot of inspiration and also new friends and colleagues. I will definitely attend the next workshop!

Ane Cathrine (Norway)



Wedding photography was dead to me.

With the sentences like “you will see a different side of wedding photography!” I was lured to join the Caldera Workshop. For me photography is a mix between real life and art, more specifically, my interpretation of the reality I shoot. Much of the wedding photography I had seen before, has been more or less the same images from different photographers and this has affected my understanding of wedding photography.

At the Caldera Workshop, they had decided to shake it up a bit and invite a fascinating mix of high-end and artistic photographers that specialized in wedding and storytelling photography, with different styles. In short, every one of us could find at least one or two mentors, whose styles would match our own style or the style that we would like to achieve. For me it was the more dark, black & white style, that I usually shoot, that was brought back to life and had a bit of wedding ferry dust sprinkled upon it.

The Caldera Workshop was a positive and inspiring workshop, with a good mix of inspiration and shooting. The team (Aris and Kostas) took us to some beautiful and common destinations in Santorini, which gave me a different set of pictures, with different talented models. During the sessions, we were able to talk to the mentors who inspired us the most.

In short the Caldera Workshop, made me want to shoot weddings again.

Jakob (Denmark)



I am totally satisfied from my decision to attend the Caldera Workshop. It was such a great experience that I couldn't even imagine. I learned much more than what I was expecting and the most important is that I had a crazy week with all these inspirational people at a breathtaking location such as Santorini. It was a game changer for my business to meet and discuss with all these award-winning speakers, to get inspired from their work and I want to thank each and every one of them for the knowledge that they openly shared with us. I can't wait for the Caldera Workshop vol.2 and one is for sure, that I will do my best to be there again. I totally recommend it because Kostas and Aris did a great job organizing it and I am sure that 2019 will be even better. See you in Santorini...

Fragiskos (Greece)



I attended the first Caldera Workshop, and I fell in love with the whole experience.

Aris and Kostas going the extra mile every day to make sure everyone was fine, and to make sure we got all the value possible out of the workshop.

The program was packed with talented speakers, more than willing to share all their knowledge. Shoots with all the speakers, and also possibility to shoot for our own portfolio was very nice. Loved to see how they had to handle the hard light in the middle of the day, and to get tips on how to deal with the harsh light. The locations were breathtaking, the models amazing and the sunset was perfect.  The way we all stayed at the same hotel, had all meals together and really got to speak to all the other attendees and speakers during the days was amazing. I thing it somehow made the extra impact on the workshop. After arriving safe back home, I just wanted to go back. Just wanted more. 

I bring many things I learned there to my shoots, and I also have new and inspiring friends from all over Europe that bring inspiration and joy to my everyday life.

I highly recommend this workshop. You will make friends for life, have an experience you will always remember and get tons of inspiration and new knowledge to take into your business.

Gitte (Norway)



My dear friends Aris and Kostas,
First of all, I would like to thank you from the heart for your willingness to invest enough of your precious time and effort in order to make the first Caldera workshop happen in Santorini. 
I could only imagine that this could have been a vision and life goal for both of you.
The ability and willingness of a well-respected professional in our field, to share his own experience, his knowledge, his loyalty and faith in what he chose to do, is the "critical mass" for me (Kostas you understand it), both for his personal success and for the success of a professional seminar addressed to other photographers, since his only goal is to transfer to them one and only thing: Inspiration.
From my 5-day experience with you guys, as well as the entire family of the Caldera workshop, I would like to keep your own inspiration and vision, the speakers’ and the whole group, which at least for me was unique, immediate and very helpful to what I do, both professionally and personally.
Finally, I would like to share with you a quote, that totally describes how I feel about the importance of meeting new people in one’s life and career and whatever their profession is, you always find things to learn that make you become a better person. "The only source of knowledge is experience" and you shared it with us ...

Thank you once again…anxious to wait for the next ones!!!

Alex (Greece)


Caldera workshop was an amazing experience. So much inspiring input, international attendees & speakers, lovely people and of course this beautiful island where we could do several shootings with nice couples.

Simon (Germany)

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