Yannick Zurflüh (LI)


Hi! My name is Yannick and my life as it is today started a couple of years ago with the ultimate goal to become the next Bill Gates. So I started to study economics at one of the best business universities in the world. And damn, I was that kind of businessy, high-flying, I’m-going-to-an-elite-university-and-I'm-super-duper-important-type-of-guy. Until photography came into my life and my mindset completely changed. Things I’ve always believed to be important – like belongings and all that money-stuff – became almost dispensable. Instead things like living a happy life and having a job that has a real value in this world became more important. That's why I finally dropped out of university and became a full time wedding photographer. And heck yeah – this was by far the best decision of my life! Since then, I've been doing what makes me happy day by day and to speak frankly, I'm probably the worst business man on this whole planet. And that's fine. Because I truly believe that wedding photography isn’t about nice pictures, sales or - even worse - us. It’s about moments in the lives of our couples. These moments become memories, memories become stories and one day, stories become legacy. So we're not just taking photographs, but we're always writing a little bit of history in some people's lives.