Frøydis Geithus (NOR)


Why am I doing this to myself?
I woke up one day, and forced myself to think about this.
I had been working 80-90 hours a week for a long time. I was literally falling apart.
Is this what life's all about? Is this how it is to be a photographer? Working my ass off to earn money. Never see family and friends. Is this it? How did I end up like this? In a studio, with 4-5 people working for me, and never a spare minute to really live. To smell the fresh air...

So I left it all. Took a time-out. Started traveling, to find myself again.
And I soon realized one thing. I am a photographer. Photographing is what makes me happy. So I decided to be the best photographer – I can be. Not the best in Scandinavia, Europe or the world. I don't care about that. I wanted to be the best I can be, and to be able to live by doing what I love.

I will tell you all about my journey. And why I think you have to go inwards to be a better photographer. In this crazy industry you need to stand out, and by doing that, you're far better off if you do what you love. You need to be real, and maybe most importantly; true to yourself.

Of course I can show you how I edit my photos, my workflow and how I shoot. And I will probably do that as well. But most of all, I want to tell you how I fell in love with photography again, and how this has taken me around the world.


Much love